Hollywood Calling: The Sci Fi Short Film That Could Change Everything | #57: Chris Browne
Produced By with TommenJune 10, 202401:02:00

Hollywood Calling: The Sci Fi Short Film That Could Change Everything | #57: Chris Browne

Chris Browne, a seasoned professional in the realm of VFX, currently holds the position of Global VFX Supervisor at Sony Pictures Animation. With a remarkable career path that includes pivotal roles at Dreamworks and Bardel Ent, Chris has made a lasting impact in the world of CGI production. At Bardel Ent, Chris spearheaded all CGI Productions studio-wide, overseeing television series and feature films. His leadership, managing a staff of over 700, laid the foundation for countless successful projects. As the Owner and Creative Director of his animation and VFX studio in Vancouver, Chris helmed over 70 productions, showcasing his expertise in directing and producing captivating content. Dive into Chris's journey, from his humble beginnings as an animation enthusiast to becoming a Global VFX Supervisor. Discover the secrets behind his sci-fi short film "Pleroma," a remarkable one-man show currently making waves in international film festivals. Join us as we unravel the story of Chris Browne, a visionary in the world of VFX and beyond.

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Pleroma Trailer:


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